Pictures of Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler And Nicole Kidman Filming Just Go With It in Hawaii

Jennifer and Adam Just Go With the Romantic Flow

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler got down to business with a romantic scene for Just Go With It yesterday in Hawaii. The pair had to kiss in front of the cameras, which is a change of pace for the actors who have been friends for decades. Jen opened up about their relationship saying, "We've been friends for I would say 21 years. . . here we are just pretty much laughing constantly." When they weren't embracing in front of the camera, the duo also shot alongside their costar Nicole Kidman. Jen, Nicole, and Adam were together last week to film with Dave Matthews, but he wasn't around for the passionate shoot. Jennifer has been on the island for the last few weeks working on their movie — it's not Jen's favorite getaway location, Cabo, but it's still a perfect beach location for the eco-friendly and most beautiful star.

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