Pictures of Jennifer Garner With Seraphina and Renee Zellweger

Jennifer and Renée Share the Same Lunch Spot and Quick Hug

Jennifer Garner and a sunglasses-wearing Seraphina stopped by an LA cafe yesterday where they bumped into Renée Zellweger on her way in to pick up lunch. The ladies met in the parking lot and exchanged a friendly hug before going their separate ways with their takeout. Jennifer and Renée might not have worked together in Hollywood, but they have shared the screen with one another's significant others. Renée's boyfriend Bradley Cooper had a role alongside Jennifer in Alias and Renée had a small part in the Dazed and Confused ensemble cast with Ben Affleck. Ben and Bradley are both busy on the East Coast, with Ben's premiere of The Town in Boston last night and Bradley checking out the shows at Fashion Week.