Pictures of Johnny Depp on the Set of The Tourist in Italy

Johnny Depp Needs to Pull a Stunt to Beat Robert Pattinson

Johnny Depp happily flashed a smile — and some sexy chest — as he waved to fans from a balcony on the set of The Tourist in Venice earlier today. He spent Mother's Day in Italy with his lovely wife, Vanessa, Jack, and Lily-Rose, who have all enjoyed many fun family cruises in recent weeks. It's been a while since we've seen Johnny strip down to his PJs, and he'll have to pull out all the stops if he's going to beat out Robert Pattinson in the PopSugar100 — he's currently losing his matchup against the Twilight star. We're getting close to the final four, so make sure to cast your votes for a chance to win your own Chanel bag!

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