Pictures of Josh Brolin, Megan Fox, Diane Lane, Barbara Streisand, and James Brolin at LA Premiere of Jonah Hex 2010-06-18 11:00:00

Megan Stays Busy Premiering Jonah Hex but Plans to Wait on Marrying Brian

Megan Fox teamed up with her onscreen leading man, Josh Brolin, last night for the LA premiere of their movie Jonah Hex. Inquiring minds wanted to know the latest about Megan's plans to marry longtime boyfriend, Brian Austin Green, but she was vague on the topic. Megan said of their wedding date, "It's going to be years! I'm going to be 44 when I get married!" Since Megan lost her engagement ring shortly after Brian proposed, she instead accessorized her little red dress with floral jewelry. Brian didn't accompany Megan to the screening, but Josh had wife Diane, dad James, and step-mom Barbara Streisand on hand. Buzz wasn't exactly a big fan of Megan and Josh's film, but at least you seemed to like her latest round of ads for Armani underwear.

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