Pictures of Josh Holloway on the Set of Mission: Impossible 4 in Prague 2010-10-14 16:30:00

Impossibly Good-Looking Josh Holloway Accepts a New Mission

Josh Holloway joined the rest of the handsome cast, making his debut on the Prague set of Mission: Impossible 4 earlier today. It's been a few months since we said goodbye to Josh's character Sawyer and his Lost costars, and now he's ready for a new action-packed role alongside Tom Cruise and Jeremy Renner. Tom's been leading the way for the guys with his high-flying shirtless stunts, and as he preps to pass the series on to Jeremy, Josh is a welcome addition to all the eye candy. This Saturday's Scream Awards will feature a mini Lost reunion, but Sawyer and his nicknames won't be able to make it as he's busy taking on this very important mission.

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