Pictures of Kingston and Zuma and Gavin Rossdale in New York

Kingston and Zuma Go Wild at the Zoo While Gavin Gets Sweaty on the Court

Kingston and Zuma Rossdale joined a frenzy of children at the Central Park Zoo with their nanny yesterday, while dad Gavin hit the tennis courts. The whole family is in NYC as Gwen Stefani prepares for her L.A.M.B. show for NYFW tonight, but they've fit in some fun as well. Gavin and Gwen cheered on pal Roger Federer at the US Open, took the boys to the Air & Space Museum, and even celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary. They managed to take part in all the fashion madness too, with Gwen debuting her latest fragrance during a FNO event at Sephora and Kingston joining Gavin in the front row at EDUN. The family will top it all off this evening when Gwen unveils her latest designs for the press, fans, and her three greatest admirers Gavin, Kingston, and Zuma.

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