Pictures of Kirsten Dunst on BlackBook Magazine December 2010 2010-12-07 14:00:00

Kirsten Dunst Looks Lovely and Talks Good Things in BlackBook

Kirsten Dunst looks ladylike while posing pretty for a spread photographed by Simon Lekias in BlackBook's December issue. She's promoting All Good Things after premiering the new release in NYC last week. Her costar Ryan Gosling didn't join her on the red carpet, but the duo apparently loved working together. Kirsten recently talked about sharing the screen with Ryan, and he did the same for this interview, in which she also opens up about her time in rehab and her love of acting. Here's more:

  • On acting: "I used to assume that I'd do this forever, and then there came a point in my life when I was like, Why am I doing this at all? With All Good Things, I realized that acting is what I'm meant to be doing, and not for the money or to make a hit, but because I love it. For the first time, acting became more about me than everybody else, and that was amazingly cathartic."
  • On going out: "When you're a single girl in your twenties, yeah, you go out with your friends, and sometimes you drink too much. I don't know anybody else, with any type of job, who doesn't do that."
  • On her time in rehab: "My friends and family were put in a position where they had to defend me, and it was an awful time. And on a personal level, I would talk to anybody about it, but not on a public level. If I do that, then the next person feels like they can ask me about it, and the person after that, until everyone then feels entitled to ask me about it, and that's not coming from a good place."
  • Ryan Gosling on working with Kirsten: "There was an atmosphere around Kirsten on set, like she was treating this as an opportunity to prove to herself what she was capable of."