Pictures of Kirsten Dunst at the NYC Premiere of All Good Things 2010-12-02 14:00:00

Kirsten Dunst Knows Not to Discuss Jake and Taylor's Romance

Kirsten Dunst picked a lacy Valentino dress last night for the NYC premiere of All Good Things. She spoke to the press at the event about her movie, though wasn't so chatty when conversation turned to her ex boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal's new romance with Taylor Swift. Kirsten wasn't about to make news with a comment on Jake and Taylor, so she simply said, "Next!" Kirsten's hot costar, Ryan Gosling, couldn't attend the red carpet event due to other work obligations back in LA. He was busy yesterday at a Hollywood Reporter roundtable for Oscar hopefuls. He touched on his infamous firing from The Lovely Bones for being too overweight in 2007, saying, "I was 150 pounds when [Peter Jackson] hired me, and I showed up on set 210 pounds. I really believed [the character] should be 210 pounds. I was melting Haagen Dazs and drinking it when I was thirsty. I really believed in it. I was excited about it. I just showed up on set and I'd gotten it wrong."

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