Pictures of Knox Jolie-Pitt And Bill Pitt on Their Balcony in Venice

Knox Shows His Grandfather the Balcony Ropes in Venice

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt welcomed his parents to Venice on Friday, and yesterday it was his father Bill's turn to head out onto the balcony of their hotel room with Knox. Little Knox is all about checking out the view with Angelina, and occasionally even a few of his brothers and sisters. We didn't get to see him for most of last week, though, since Brad and Angelina were off traveling to Eastern Europe on behalf of the UN. Bill was game to go outside for some grandparent bonding, which was Knox's latest extended family fun following Jon Voight's visit to Italy a few months ago. Brad and Angelina evidently left the twins at home as they headed off to France for some alone time with their four oldest children.

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