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Get Excited For Breaking Dawn's Waterfall Scene With Shirtless Rob and Bikini Clad Kristen!

Nov 19 2011 - 10:19am

Robert Pattinson [1] and Kristen Stewart [2] filmed Breaking Dawn Part 1's honeymoon in Brazil last Fall, and this weekend fans will see their waterfall frolic come to life as the movie hits theaters! We loved getting a first glimpse at the sexy honeymoon scenes in 2010, and now are bringing the amazing pictures back out to help get everyone excited for Breaking Dawn all over again.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been busy promoting the movie with two big events this week. On Monday, Rob and Kristen shared sweet moments [3] at the LA premiere and by Wednesday they were in the UK for another red carpet. During press, Rob talked up his bedroom scenes with Kristen [4] and the tricky choreography needed to get a PG-13 rating, while Kristen said she imagined the wedding scene a million times [5] in her head before shooting. Take a look back at the hot and sexy photos of shirtless [6] Rob and bikini clad Kristen!

Take It In

Kristen checked out Rob's shirtless [7] body on set.

My Man

Kristen and Rob had a conversation while he smoked his cigarette.

Deep Look

Kristen continued to enjoy the view.

Couples Who Share

Robert shared his cigarette with Kristen.

Nice View

Rob showed off his shirtless [8] body from the side.

Over There

Robert and Kristen got into character as Edward and Bella.

Very Interesting

They couldn't keep their eyes off something in the distance.


Robert looked a little confused while doing his best Edward.

Close to You

Robert and Kristen were pressed close together by someone on set.

Our Favorites

Kristen held Robert close as they were hard at work.

Cover Up

Kristen slipped on a pair of shorts between scenes.

Hello Sun

Robert let his abs soak up the sunshine.

Teeny Bikini

Kristen showed off her hot body in a white bikini while chatting with Robert.

From Every Angle

Robert showed off his shirtlessness to all the crew on set.

Cuddled Up

Kristen and Rob continued to play it close through the day.

Time For a Ride

Kristen hopped on Rob's back for a special scene.

Two of a Kind

After some close moments Rob and Kristen made their way around set.

Got Me?

Kristen held on tight while riding Rob.

Another Good Look

Rob made his way around with Kristen close behind.

The View We Like

Robert gave everyone a good peek at his abs.

Watch Your Step

Robert made his way carefully around the outdoors.

Take a Peek

Kristen looked good in her bikini from every view.

Backside Beauty

As does Rob.

It's Hard Work

Rob and Kristen worked hard while looking good.

Like This, Rob

Robert listened carefully as he was given directions.

Time Out

Rob and Kristen checked each other out as they paused on set.

You Look Good

Their gaze continued on set.

Time to Go

Kristen jumped on Rob's back while filming.

Skin on Skin

Kristen held herself close to Rob.

Comfort First

Kristen threw her sneakers on while filming the bikini scene.


Robert chatted with the crew as he took a smoke break.

These Are Abs

Rob showed off his abs while his stand-in kept his shirt on.


Rob didn't bother to put his shirt on as the cameras took a break.

Which Do You Prefer?

Rob hid in the shadows while his stand-in soaked up the sun.

Easy Does It

Robert was deep in thought while on his break.

A New View

Rob showed off a little extra skin while chatting with Kristen.

Doesn't Get Any Better

Robert enjoyed his cigarette on set while flexing his abs.

Perfect Sight

His arms are looking great!

So Cut

Rob has been working on those abs.

My Beauty

Rob and Kristen are perfectly comfortable together.

Crazy Times

The two relaxed between takes in their swimwear.

Tender Touch

Kristen reached over and touched his lower back.

Hey Babe

The two chatted among the crew.

You and Me

They only had eyes for each other despite the big crowd.

Forever Bella and Edward

Kristen pulled Robert closer for an amazing scene. Love it!

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