Pictures of Lady Gaga in a Bikini With Luc Carl in Greece

Lady Gaga Goes From a Bikini to Underwear During Her Grecian Vacation With Luc

Lady Gaga and her boyfriend, Luc Carl, continued their sexy vacation in Greece yesterday. The couple spent the day on a yacht off the coast of Crete, though Gaga needed some assistance with boarding due to her sky-high white heels. That night Gaga wore a revealing white robe and matching underwear as they joined friends for a celebratory shot of booze before heading out on a romantic date. It should come as no surprise that she's donned some interesting beachwear during the trip, including a gold bikini and matching headdress. Her crazy outfits could make great costumes for Halloween, and if you're really into the eccentric performer, you'll be able to smell like her when she releases her fragrance, Monster, in 2012.