Pictures of Lindsay Lohan Leaving Bar 210 and Shopping in LA with Ali

Lindsay Spends Another Night Situated by Samantha's DJ Booth

Lindsay Lohan grabbed lunch at LA's La Scala with friends yesterday before joining her sister Ali for a few hours of shopping. Their retail outing meant that Lindsay missed a deposition at court, but she maintains that she actually managed to fit in a driving class and that's why she couldn't visit with a judge. Regardless, her busy afternoon schedule didn't tire her out for another evening of clubbing. She hit Bar 210, where Samantha Ronson was coincidentally in charge of the DJ booth. Apparently some people in the crowd weren't loving her musical selections, though, and LL was quick to call the haters out on Twitter and compliment Sam's skills. Sam didn't reply with a thank-you, or anything else for that matter, and LL unfortunately needed help from her friends on her way out.

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