Pictures of Lindsay Lohan Shopping at Chanel

Lindsay Lohan's Assistant Quit, but Her Boots Are Staying Around

Lindsay Lohan flashed a smirk as she shopped at Fred Segal and Chanel in Hollywood, CA, yesterday. The actress was without her right-hand woman, however, since her personal assistant quit on Wednesday citing too much drama in LL's life. This week the headlines have been all over once again since her SCRAM anklet was set off after the MTV Movie Awards. She dodged any real legal trouble, and Dina says it was just a cocktail spilled down her leg rather than Lindsay breaking the no-drinking rules herself. All the way, Lindsay has been sticking to her boots-heavy wardrobe and mandatory alcohol classes. She also found time for a swimsuit photo shoot featuring her famous ankle accessory as the huge True Blood fan starts her countdown to season three's premiere on Sunday.

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