Pictures of M.I.A. With Ben Bronfman in NYC With Baby Ikyhd 2010-06-30 08:45:00

Cute Pics: M.I.A. Shows Baby Ikyhd the Sights of NYC!

M.I.A. joined friends for a meal in NYC last night, and her fiancé Ben Bronfman brought their son, Ikyhd, by to say hi afterward. Ikyhd was the life of the dinner party and sat down at the table, but soon M.I.A. hoisted him on her shoulders to examine the surroundings. The family left their LA home for a stay in Ben's hometown of NYC so that M.I.A. could perform and continue doing press for her upcoming album /\/\/\Y/\, which has already spawned remixes with artists like Jay-Z of the first singles. She and Ben are apparently taking it easy with the wedding planning, but M.I.A. recently revealed her hopes for their ceremony.