Pictures of Maggie Gyllenhaal and Ramona Sarsgaard in NYC

Maggie and Ramona Stay Warm While Jake Gets Cozy With Taylor Swift

Maggie Gyllenhaal held hands with her daughter Ramona Sarsgaard while on a stroll around Brooklyn on Thursday. The girls had exciting company on one of their walks a few weeks ago, when Ramona's uncle Jake brought Taylor Swift to spend Thanksgiving with the family. Ramona showed off her home borough to the country star, though Jake also snuck in romantic moments with Taylor as well. Jake and Taylor went their separate ways after the holiday, as he was off to Australia to promote Love and Other Drugs. They're back together now, though, and were spotted on a recent drive in LA. Maggie and her husband Peter, meanwhile, are making their way through the cold, windy Winter in the Big Apple, prepping for a return to the stage together in Chekhov's Three Sisters next month.

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