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A Marky Mark Tribute That Guarantees Good Vibrations

Jun 5 2015 - 7:25pm

Sure, he may be a household name now, but before Mark Wahlberg [1] made us laugh in Ted (and again in Ted 2 [2]) and scared the crap out of us in Fear, he was just a Boston-bred, pants-dropping rapper named Marky Mark. His signature move — dropping trou during onstage performances — was not only revolutionary for its time, but also gave us a glimpse of Mark's killer confidence and unbearably hot bod. Even though Mark Wahlberg has gone on to achieve huge success as an actor with films like Boogie Nights and The Fighter and as the executive producer of Entourage and Boardwalk Empire, we want to make sure that nobody ever forgets how he got his start and first captured our attention: as a buff, tough, Calvin Klein underwear-wearing bad boy. In honor of Mark's 44th birthday today, let's take a trip down memory lane.

Let's get this thing going with some fully clothed promotional photos.

What a snappy dresser, right? Don't knock the double denim.

Here's the video for "Good Vibrations." It was 1991, and the Funky Bunch was in full effect.

Do not under any circumstances act like you didn't do the running man to this song.

Here's Marky Mark and his aforementioned Funky Bunch before a performance in LA back in 1991.

This was basically Mark's signature look back then; black jeans, tighty-whities, and a backward cap. Never a shirt. Swoon.

It wasn't a Marky Mark performance until he dropped his pants — fact.

Naturally, Mark released a workout video in 1993 called "The Marky Mark Workout: Form . . . Focus . . . Fitness."

Did you know that he also had a coffee-table book?

It was basically just filled with a few interviews and tons of shirtless photos. It's out of print.

Marky Mark also got involved in lots of MTV Rock N' Jock basketball games.

Here he is at the 1991 event with his big brother Donnie. What a couple of hunks, right?

Oh, wait — Will Smith was there too! Why doesn't MTV do Rock N' Jock games anymore?

Mark also performed during the halftime show, and, of course, lost his clothes along the way.

Do you need some time with this one? It's totally understandable.

In 1992, Mark (along with a young Kate Moss) posed for Calvin Klein's underwear campaign shot by Herb Ritts.

Source: Calvin Klein [3]

Those ads were incredibly sexy.

Source: Calvin Klein [4]

Mark grabbed his crotch. A lot.

Source: Calvin Klein [5]

But he also showed off his washboard abs and sly smile.

Source: Calvin Klein [6]

He even walked the runway for a Calvin Klein benefit show in 1995. Would you believe us if we told you he dropped his pants?

It seems only fitting that we end on a high note, so here's Marky Mark's superhot Calvin Klein commercial from 1992.

Happy birthday, Marky Mark Wahlberg [7] — and never change.

Source: Calvin Klein [8]

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