Pictures of Michelle Williams in Angeleno Magazine 2010-12-29 14:01:00

Blue Valentine's Michelle Williams Shares About Watching Brokeback Mountain With Matilda Someday

Pictures of Michelle Williams in Angeleno Magazine 2010-12-29 14:01:00

Michelle Williams showed off her trendy pixie cut on the cover of December's Angeleno magazine. The accompanying article is the latest in Michelle's long line of efforts to promote Blue Valentine, which hit theaters today — Buzz raved about the project and called it a must see. Michelle and her costar Ryan Gosling have given sweet, funny joint interviews, but she was solo in this publication to talk about more personal matters. She touched on finally feeling her age at 30 and finally watching Brokeback Mountain with her rapidly growing daughter Matilda. Michelle said:

  • On Matilda growing up "Her hair is down to her chin and she has decided she can have her bangs trimmed, but she doesn’t want a bob anymore. A bob is cute for a three-year-old but she is five now. . .it’s crazy how fast time is going for me and how agonizingly slow it is going for her. When she was four she would say ‘I am four and a half,’ ‘I am four and five-sixths,’ ‘four and seven-eighths,’ because all the increments mattered."
  • On Brokeback Mountain and someday watching it with Matilda: "I was just an actor who happened to be lucky enough to be in the right place, and it was the place where I met Matilda’s father, and that is a lot. It was a lot. And it will be a lot for Matilda too, when she gets around to watching it. I will watch it with her, when she’s ready. It is hard to imagine what that would feel like, but one day, yes, we will watch it together."
  • On finally feeling her age: "I’ve done a lot. I have taken on a lot of things earlier than would be the standard in terms of working, of being in a serious relationship and having a child. I was 25 when I had Matilda and so I feel like I have caught up to myself, and 30 feels like a number that maybe matches all those things a little bit better."

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