Pictures of Michelle Williams and Kate Winslet at Blue Valentine Screening in NYC

Michelle Williams Celebrates Her Independent Spirit Nod With Kate Winslet and Blue Valentine

Michelle Williams tested out a new look with her Marilyn Monroe hair posing alongside recently single Kate Winslet at a screening of Blue Valentine in NYC last night. Kate's been on the East Coast with her kids for most of the Fall, but soon she'll be joining Matt Damon on the set of Contagion. Michelle and her director Derek Cianfrance had some celebrating to do when the Independent Spirit Awards nominations were announced yesterday and she scored a nod for best actress. Blue Valentine still has an uphill battle after being slapped with a controversial NC-17, which Michelle, Ryan Gosling, and The Weinstein Company have all spoken out about. Still, Michelle has a lot to smile about since her fears the rating would keep her out of the award season running are so far unfounded.

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Source: Getty