Pictures of Michelle Williams and Sarah Silverman in Swimsuits Filming Take This Waltz

Michelle Williams and Sarah Silverman Hit the Pool in Their Swimsuits

Michelle Williams and Sarah Silverman wore matching red and white swimsuits filming Take This Waltz in Toronto yesterday. The two took a dip together in a public pool and Sarah got playful, slapping Michelle's behind as she climbed out of the water. Their costar Seth Rogen didn't show off his shirtless physique, but he has had his share of fun scenes with Michelle already. Michelle's taking on physical comedy for this project, though was in serious model mode last weekend when she hosted hot Ryan Gosling for a photo shoot to promote their romance Blue Valentine. Michelle and Ryan will be reunited at next month's Toronto Film Festival before she moves onto her next projects, including one where she'll join the ranks of stars who have portrayed Marilyn Monroe.

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