Pictures of Naomi Watts Strolling With Alexander and Sasha in NYC

Naomi Watts Strolls SoHo With Her Sons, Sam and Sasha

Naomi Watts went for a walk with her sons, Sasha and Sam, in NYC on Friday. She and Liev Schreiber both have Hollywood careers but choose to make the east their primary home, recently listing their LA-area estate for $6 million. While Naomi and Liev focus lots of attention on their boys, they've had some hot dates recently too, including getting dressed up on Thursday for a screening of her film Fair Game and sharing a romantic night on the town for her 42nd birthday. Naomi is still slated to take on another true-life story playing Marilyn Monroe in Blonde, though it looks like that one will be coming in after Michelle Williams takes on the iconic bombshell.

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