Pictures of Natalie Portman, Justin Timberlake, Javier Bardem, Rooney Mara in W Magazine

Natalie, Javier, and Dakota Go Gorgeous and Dramatic For W's Movie Issue

Pictures of Natalie Portman, Justin Timberlake, Javier Bardem, Rooney Mara in W Magazine

Natalie Portman, Javier Bardem, Justin Timberlake, and Dakota Fanning are just a few of the huge names who posed for W's star-studded February Movie Issue. The cover also boasts the first look at Rooney Mara's dramatic transformation to become Lisbeth Salander for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. This weekend is packed with award season events, and we'll see some of these famous faces, including a pregnant Miss Portman, on a number of red carpets, starting this evening when we're broadcasting live from the Critics' Choice Awards — tune in here! Inside the magazine, the impressive set of actors talked about their favorite movies, experiences on set, and what made them choose this career. Here are highlights:

  • Natalie on Dirty Dancing: "The movie that I watched the most when I was growing up was Dirty Dancing. I always loved Penny, probably because I was really like Baby. I was a Jewish girl from a Jewish family, so of course I liked the tall, skinny blond girl."
  • Jesse Eisenberg on why he started acting: "I started acting to be included in a group, because I felt excluded in school. The final product was out of my control, so it didn't really matter to me. I just liked being in a group of people that didn't kick my shin."
  • Javier Bardem on Biutiful: "My first part was in The Ages of Lulu. I played a sadomasochist who killed people and created fun orgies. I'm a Method actor: I went to every orgy in the world."
  • Mila Kunis on Black Swan: "Before Black Swan, I had never danced in my life, and I will never dance again. I lost 20 pounds in three months, danced five hours a day, for seven days a week. I tore a ligament. I dislocated my shoulder. I have two scars on my back. It was worth every minute, but I will never put on toe shoes again."
  • Nicole Kidman on nudity: "I don't mind being naked. After having a baby, I'm not so sure now, but I enjoy not letting my issues get in the way of nudity."

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