Pictures of Penn Badgley Partying With Jessica Szohr and Shooting With Paul Bettany

Penn Badgley Adds Some Heat to a Summery Bash

Penn Badgley teamed up with his Gossip Girl costar Jessica Szohr last night for a Summer kickoff party in NYC. Despite the high temperatures, Penn was decked out in a flannel and jeans — though he did get a little cross-ventilation with his undone shirt. Jessica let loose with Penn after a trip to Canada for Sunday's MuchMusic Awards and a stay in London with Ed Westwick. Penn was fresh-faced this morning, ready to work on Margin Call with Paul Bettany in Brooklyn. His girlfriend, Blake Lively, has also spent the bulk of her hiatus from their CW series focusing on a movie career, shooting The Green Lantern in Louisiana.

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