Pictures of Peter Facinelli Walking Around NYC

Peter Facinelli Makes the Most of His One Day in NYC

Peter Facinelli enjoyed his only afternoon in NYC yesterday before he was back on the road traveling to Phoenix. He had time to make a cameo at an event celebrating Father's Day, which is appropriate because Peter's among our favorite hot dads of the year! He's been busy promoting Eclipse in the US, while his costars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner take care of things in Europe. Taylor's kept his hot bod under wraps while overseas, but Peter would apparently show off his abs all the time — Peter said, "If I had that six-pack, I would never wear a shirt!" Even fully clothed, Peter still gets lots of love from fans and wound up scoring the 100th spot in the PopSugar 100. He and Jennie Garth are testing the waters to see if they'll also get lucky in the real estate market, as they've just listed their LA home for sale.

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