Pictures and Quotes From Twilight's Ashley Greene at a Mark Cosmetics Event 2010-11-12 12:36:08

Ashley Greene Talks Makeup, Style, and Originally Wanting to Play Bella!

Ashley Greene was in NYC last night to join MTV's Suchin Pak at the Glass Houses for a chat about the actress's work with Mark cosmetics. There were fans listening in the room as well as online as Ashley chatted about her style, collaborating with the company's m.powerment campaign for young women, and, of course, being a part of the Twilight family. She's not joining costars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart on their romantic Rio shoot, but Ashley revealed she actually had gone out for the role of Bella. Ashley had lots of fun speaking about the craze over the series and confessing to be on Team Edward. She said:

  • On getting her start in Twilight: "I originally went in for Bella . . . At that point, I didn't know that much about the book series. But then I read them to prep for the audition and instantly fell in love and was like, 'I have to be a part of this.' I was so wrapped up in the story, I was just as fanatic about it as everyone else. So, I auditioned for Bella . . . Actually, I auditioned a few times. They told me I wasn't right for it and I was heartbroken — I really, really wanted to be a part of the franchise. Then they came back to me with Alice and I absolutely love the character so I auditioned a few more times and against all odds, I got the part. I screamed, I cried. It was very exciting."
  • On realizing that people go crazy for Twilight: "Usually, when I'm in a hotel room, generally around press time it gets pretty crazy. I remember once on the European press tour, all these people screaming and crying. It's amazing and crazy and it's something you just can't dream up."
  • On being Team Edward or Jacob: "As much as I adore Jacob, I think I'm going to have to go with Team Edward. I am a vampire, too! Jacob is our arch-enemy."
  • On her first jobs: "Wow, I've had a lot of jobs. I've been working since I was 14. My first job was at a dry cleaners. I worked as a waitress. I worked at Lucky Strike. Even from a young age, I was super independent and wanted to make my own money. My parents were like, 'OK, go ahead then.'"

To see more Ashley and to read about her favorite red carpet moment, her style, and inspirations, just read more.

  • On her favorite red carpet moment: "It's a tie. I think the first time I felt like a movie star was at the New Moon premiere in Los Angeles. I was wearing this long Prabal Gurung dress and the makeup was perfect and the fans were amazing. It felt right and the memory is really great. The second was on the European tour, the Eclipse premiere in London. I was wearing a silver L'Wren Scott dress and everything looked and felt like a fairytale."
  • On her style: "Ever-changing and evolving. It really depends on the day and how I feel. Red carpets are fun, I mean it's always nice to be glamorous but I'm a big jeans and t-shirt girl, too. My favorite thing to do is dress things up with accessories, scarves, necklaces, a great bag. That's a great way to personalize a look."
  • On her high school style regrets: "I think I overdid everything. When I look at high school pictures, I think I look a little overdone, a bit contrived. I wasn't completely self-confident yet, hadn't come into my own."
  • On who inspired her: "Of course, my parents are a huge influence in my life. They've been there from the get-go and will always be there. But as far as people in this industry, I think that a lot of people already know that Audrey Hepburn is someone that I really look up to. I think that she would be a Mark girl; she's beautiful inside and out. But more than that, she's got an amazing style sense but she really used her position to help out in the world."

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