Pictures of Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford, and Diane Keaton at the NYC Premiere of Morning Glory

Rachel McAdams Celebrates Her Morning Glory With an Evening Premiere

Rachel McAdams was the center of attention last night at the NYC premiere of Morning Glory. She and costars Patrick Wilson, Harrison Ford, and Jeff Goldblum were on the black carpet after a long weekend of doing press at their junket — we talked with the four actors on Saturday, so stay tuned for video later this week! Rachel also chatted yesterday before heading into the screening, mentioning how awesome it was to reunite with Diane Keaton following their work together in The Family Stone. Their current movie is all about Rachel's character, Becky Fuller, as she figures out her work and life balance, and she said the struggle hit close to home. Rachel fit in a few days of press during a break from working on her new Terrence Malick project in Oklahoma with Ben Affleck, who was likewise able to have some time off. Patrick and Jeff, meanwhile, stopped to share about Rachel's great comedic acting in their film — lots of video to come later today on PopSugar Rush!

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Source: Getty