Pictures of Reese Witherspoon Eating Out With Friends in LA

Everything's All White For Reese Witherspoon in LA

Reese Witherspoon breezed her way into the PopSugar 100 Sweet 16 and also grabbed lunch with friends wearing all white in LA yesterday. She shared a meal with her girlfriends after a string of dates with her boyfriend, Jim Toth, including one cuddle-filled weekend brunch. Reese is getting in her socializing before starting work on Water for Elephants, and she also found time to grab a beer at a country music festival. Her ex-husband, Ryan Phillippe, meanwhile, is going into full promotional mode for his upcoming MacGruber. He once again mentioned his relationship with Reese in an interview, saying, "A lot of times, people are in a relationship with someone they’d love to grow old with, but things become tumultuous, and there’s so much that can divide you. That’s the challenge. I got married when I was 23; I’m 35 now. A lot of change can take place in that time. And actors are slightly handicapped by their lifestyle: Couples spend time apart and with other people, and we deal with public scrutiny. It’s hard."

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