Pictures of Reese Witherspoon Having a Romantic Meal With Jim Toth

Reese Witherspoon and Jim Cuddle Through a Romantic Lunch

Reese Witherspoon was in green on Friday to visit an LA salon, but kept her locks hidden under a hat Saturday for an affectionate, hand-holding lunch with her boyfriend Jim Toth. Reese has been sharing all her recent weekends with Jim, including celebrating Jennifer Garner's birthday together and attending Easter mass with Ava and Deacon. Lucky for Reese, she won't have to be apart from her guy when production begins soon on Water for Elephants since the shoot is based close to LA. The author of the book on which the movie is based sweetly says she stills stop to "knock on wood" in regards to the amazing cast attached to the film including not only Reese but Robert Pattinson as well.

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