Pictures of Ryan Gosling at LAX

Ryan Gosling Makes a Spectacle of Himself at the Airport

Ryan Gosling Makes a Spectacle of Himself at the Airport

Ryan Gosling touched down at LAX today looking studious and sexy in glasses and a leather jacket. The actor, who went sans socks during his travels, is back in LA after clocking in some rest and relaxation at home in Canada. It's been a crazy busy 2011 so far for the star, who was tied up shooting the George Clooney-helmed The Ides of March for most of February and March, and is rumored to be joining another slate of handsome men — including Sean Penn and Josh Brolin — in the upcoming Gangster Squad. Ryan recently dismissed reports that he was in line to play The Lone Ranger to Johnny Depp's Tonto, though we'll luckily see both handsome actors soon when they make the trek to France for Cannes. Ryan Gosling will bring his indie movie with Carey Mulligan, Drive, to the festival while Johnny Depp will be on hand for a special premiere of Pirates of the Carribbean: On Stranger Tides. Both Ryan and Johnny are currently holding onto top 10 spots in the Sexiest Celebrity Men category in this year's Pop 100. Be sure to cast your vote in the bracket and share your picks on Facebook for your chance to win one of four ultraluxurious prizes!


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