Pictures of Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams at Cannes Photo Call for Blue Valentine 2010-05-18 08:45:00

Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams Make Bright Blue Cannes Valentines

Ryan Gosling squeezed Michelle Williams close at a photo call for Blue Valentine at Cannes this morning. Michelle's short blond hair stood out in the sun and may have another chance to shine if she actually ends up playing Marilyn Monroe. Mr. Gosling was so stylish right down to his Summery white shoes while she was perfectly precious showing off those stems in high wedges and a short dress. This isn't the first film festival for the adorable onscreen duo, who already made the rounds at Sundance, after which their movie was picked up by the Weinstein Company. They were joined by their pint-sized costar Faith Wladyka, who was lucky enough to get lots of attention from Ryan and even got to try on his sunglasses. There is something amazing about watching Ryan and Michelle's affection for each other, and after falling in love with the movie back in Park City, the Dec. 31 release date can't come soon enough.

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Source: Getty