Pictures of Scarlett Johansson Leaving the Gym in LA

Scarlett's Kicking Butt in the Gym and on the Big Screen

Scarlett Johansson arrived at the gym in LA earlier today wearing familiar athletic gear for a morning training session. Over the weekend Iron Man 2 crushed the competition at the box office, opening at number one with an astonishing $133.6 million. She boxed her way into shape and looked incredible on the big screen playing badass Black Widow. She may need to help put up a fight to get her handsome, well-mannered, and big-hearted husband into the Final Four of the PopSugar 100! Ryan Reynolds is running a strong race against Brad Pitt, but who will win their sexy matchup? The races are close and every vote counts, so don't forget to fill out your ballot for a chance to win your own Chanel bag!

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