Pictures of Will Smith on the LA Set of HawthoRNe, Which Will Reportedly Have a Cameo From Marc Anthony

Will Smith Is Happy to Let Everyone Else Have the Spotlight

Will Smith was decked out in Nike to pace around the LA set of HawthoRNe yesterday afternoon while Jada Pinkett-Smith worked in front of the cameras. Will made a brief cameo on an episode during the show's first season, and this week the cast welcomed another celebrity guest star, Marc Anthony. He is reportedly making a special appearance on the series, which marks his return to acting after starring with Jennifer Lopez in El Cantante, and the two brought twins Max and Emme along for the shoot. The Smiths are gearing up for another member of their family's big projects — Jaden is taking his turn as a leading man in the remake of The Karate Kid coming out this Summer.

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