Pictures of Spencer Pratt Running in Malibu After Split From Heidi Montag

Spencer Pratt Brings Out His Wild Beard in the Malibu Wilderness — Are You Interested in His Side of the Split Story?

Spencer Pratt looked a bit, well, crazed as he ran through Malibu trails yesterday carrying some gear and sporting that outrageous beard. Both he and Heidi Montag have staged photo ops since the news of their split broke on Friday, though her pictures with Jennifer Bunney were a little more serene than this wild outdoorsman shoot. Heidi has also spoken to the press about their relationship and her new reality TV show while Spencer had been staying unusually quiet until yesterday. He rambled some thoughts to TMZ about topics ranging from their wedding being just for The Hills to his lack of money to her new series. Spencer is never at a lack for words, but he seems even more out there than ever so tell us — are you at all, even a little bit curious to hear his side of the Heidi story?