Pictures of Taylor Lautner at LAX Before Thanksgiving

Taylor Lautner Breaks From Breaking Dawn For a Holiday at Home

Taylor Lautner flashed his famously bright smile as he arrived at LAX on Thursday, in time to enjoy Thankgiving at home. He only left California a few days earlier in order to squeeze in some valuable hours working on Breaking Dawn in Louisiana before the long holiday weekend. Lautner has been hitting the gym to bulk back up into Jacob Black shape, though he also had time to spark up a possible new romance with Abduction costar Lily Collins. He has a lot of shooting left to do on the two Breaking Dawn installments, so his next few months will be largely spent on set. We got an early present with the first official still from the final Twilight movies, and fans are split down the middle on whether the shot of Bella's arm on her wedding night is exciting or just so-so.