Pictures of Tina Fey and Alice Richmond Heading to School in NYC

Tina Gets Alice in the School Spirit as She Preps For a New Mad Man on 30 Rock

Tina Fey walked her daughter, Alice, to school in NYC this morning. Tina's fifth season of 30 Rock is off to a strong start, and it's currently your favorite of NBC's Thursday lineup. She also found time to pop up in Amy Poehler's SNL opening and is set to be honored with PBS's American Humor Award. Next week she's taking on a new adventure when 30 Rock performs live episodes, which marks the return of her Emmy dance partner, Jon Hamm, to the show. Later this year she'll reportedly welcome another Mad Men actor, John Slattery, as a guest star. While Tina is best known for cracking up adults, she has a project that even Alice can enjoy coming soon when her animated movie Megamind hits theaters in early November.