Pictures of Tom Cruise in Canada For Mission Impossible 4

Tom Cruise Takes on His Latest Mission in the Great White North

Tom Cruise sported flashy white shoes leaving a sound stage outside Vancouver yesterday. Canada is his latest spot in the string of Mission: Impossible 4 shooting locations, which has also included pulling death defying stunts in Dubai and routinely stripping down in Prague. Tom is in the midst of passing on the M:I franchise reigns to Jeremy Renner, but Ethan Hunt still has a lot of action left in him. Both Tom and Jeremy made our slideshow of the hottest shirtless guys of the year and Cruise also made appearances in our top TV moments video and favorite celebrity viral videos. Katie Holmes and Suri are taking care of things home in LA, and hopefully Tom will have time off to join the rest of his family for their annual holiday trip to Telluride to round out their picturesque globe-trotting 2010.