Pictures of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, and Magic Marker-Covered Suri Cruise in NYC

Suri Adds Magical Moments to Katie and Tom's NYC Day

Katie Holmes left her NYC apartment early yesterday and headed to a photo shoot with her costars from The Romantics, and later in the afternoon she returned home with a magic marker-covered Suri. Katie freshened up and put on a sequined sweater to join Tom for an evening on Broadway to see Tony-winning Denzel Washington and Viola Davis in Fences. It has been a whirlwind few days for Tom Cruise with interviews and appearances to promote Knight and Day — it's the latest in a long line of hot roles for Tom. Buzz found his and Cameron Diaz's movie to be fun summery fare, but they're facing stiff competition at the box office from Toy Story 3 and Adam Sandler's soon-to-be-released Grown Ups.

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