Pictures of Tom Cruise Shooting Mission Impossible 4 in Prague 2010-09-29 10:30:00

Tom Cruise Gets Started on His Mustached Mission

Tom Cruise was a quick change artist on the Prague set of Mission Impossible 4 today — he started shooting decked out in a Bruce Springsteen shirt, then added a mustache and changed into a Russian military uniform. He's back in the Czech Republic after a one-day detour to Japan, where he attended the Tokyo premiere of Knight and Day with his bubblegum-colored-lipstick-wearing costar Cameron Diaz. Tom's now getting down to business on the next installment of his action franchise with costars like Paula Patton and Jeremy Renner. He spent time last week scouting locations around the city, though he broke from the work to do some exploring with his girls Katie and Suri.

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