Pictures of Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Greene, and Portia Doubleday Inside Nylon 2010-04-22 15:00:00

Vanessa Hudgens Loves MK's Style and Ashley Greene Defends Her Generation

Nylon rounded up a group of starlets for its May issue dedicated to young Hollywood, with Ashley Greene, Vanessa Hudgens, and Youth in Revolt's Portia Doubleday. Both Ashley and Vanessa are gearing up for the release of their Summer blockbusters with Eclipse and Beastly, respectively. Vanessa had insight to share about her new mature role, as well as what it was like working and shopping with costar Mary-Kate Olsen. Ashley, meanwhile, weighed in on how not all actress their age deserve bad reputations. They said:

  • Ashley on the new young Hollywood: "We’re not all crazy! . . . I feel like that whole generation, that’s dying down now, thinks they’re higher than God and can do whatever they want. [Young Hollywood] now are people who really love the business."
  • Vanessa on shopping with Mary-Kate Olsen: "I love her! I used to be in her fan club! . . . When we were in Montreal, we'd go shopping and she'd take me to vintage stores and I would literally just follow her around being like, 'Help me! What do you look for? Please tell me. Give me your shirts. What's your shirt secret?'"
  • Vanessa on her upcoming film Sucker Punch: "At one point, we all play hookers. And there are burlesque shows! I do a belly dance in the most amazing belly-dance costume you have ever seen in your life . . . Watch me in Sucker Punch, and you’ll be afraid of me."