Pictures of Victoria Beckham at a BritWeek Party in LA 2010-04-23 11:30:00

Posh Parties For Brits, But Enjoys the Company of One in Particular

Victoria Beckham suited up in black last night to honor her English homeland at a charity event for BritWeek in LA. The German Vogue cover girl has been busy helping David recover from the Achilles' injury he sustained last month while playing soccer with AC Milan. He's proving to be a great help during his time off, as Victoria said, "I left him on homework duty, so he's there right now finishing off the homework as I had to rush out . . . It's just so great to have him back." He has ventured out a few times to get his sports fix, but his mobility isn't all it could be. Victoria said he's healing but still "hobbling around the house, poor thing" — check out her full interview with GMTV below.

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Images include: Mark Shriver, Victoria Beckham, Simon Fuller, Richard Branson, Bob Pierce

Source: Getty