Pictures and Video of David Beckham on Jonathan Ross

David Beckham Can't Live Without His Family and Helps Say Goodbye to a BBC Icon

David Beckham sat down for two amazing interviews yesterday, both of which perfectly show how gracious and loving he is to his fans, family, and fellow soccer stars. First up was a 90-minute live web chat, which was part of his role as Yahoo's Global Ambassador — you can watch the whole thing after the jump. It's impossible to pick his best quotes from the talk, but perhaps it's his answer to three things he couldn't live without, "Can I pick 4? Victoria, Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz." He also spoke about his style icon Steve McQueen, Victoria's passion for designing, and why he won't cover his chest in tattoos. So hot. After wrapping up that marathon Q&A, David brought his three-piece suit to visit Jonathan Ross where he graced the BBC host's final episode. Ross had been trying to get Becks on the show for nine years, so it was a perfectly fitting and emotional way to go out. There, David revealed that he and Victoria are "always trying" for more kids. He also sat on the host's lap, but we'll have to wait and see how the interaction went down when it airs tomorrow night.

To see video of David's chat with Yahoo, just read more.

Source: Rex USA