Pictures of Zac Efron Pumping Gas and Reading Script in LA

Zac Efron Is a Hard Worker and Good Tipper

Zac Efron multitasked with a script in hand as he filled up at a gas station in LA yesterday. He has many projects on his plate now that's he done promoting Charlie St. Cloud, including the drug thriller Snabba Cash a few comedies and a Nicolas Sparks adaption, and it doesn't look like he's slowing down anytime soon. Zac also juggled his work and personal lives this weekend when he went from presenting at the Teen Choice Awards straight to giving Vanessa Hudgens a sexy tip during her debut performance of Rent. Perhaps he learned that move at his recent visit to a strip club with Corbin Bleu? The very devoted boyfriend did it all while also easily cruising to the next round of our Hottest Shirtless Guy Bracket!

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