Pink and Willow Sage Hart Cuddling on Set Pictures

Pink Cozies Up to Baby Willow on Set

Willow Hart and Pink cuddled on the set.

Pink cradled her daughter Willow Sage Hart on the NYC set of her upcoming movie Thanks For Sharing yesterday. Pink planted some kisses on her 4-month-old infant as they hung out by her trailer, and Willow even showed off a few giggles for her mom. Thanks for Sharing, which is Pink's first major live-action movie role, has been shooting on the East Coast in recent weeks. It seems as though Pink is stepping up to the challenge — she and Mark Ruffalo worked together today on the project and Mark later took to Twitter to compliment her talent, calling her a "natural"! Pink is just one of the leading ladies Mark is collaborating with on the film. Mark made out with Gwyneth Paltrow last week on the set of the movie, which follows a group of sex addicts as they try to figure out their lives and relationships.


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