Pippa Middleton Book Deal Tennis Match Pictures

Pippa Celebrates a Big Money Book Deal at Tennis With a New Guy

Pippa Middleton was happy with a guy pal.

Pippa Middleton had a big weekend — she signed a $600,000 book deal, and to celebrate, watched some tennis with two guy friends! Pippa, who loves the sport and even checked out Wimbledon earlier this year, was in a private area to watch as Roger Federer won his sixth ATP World Tour master’s championship title after beating Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

Over the weekend, new pictures of party planner Pippa were released that show her in her professional element. Her tips for throwing the perfect event will be the focal point of her upcoming book, to be released by an imprint of Penguin. The deal comes at a good time for Pippa, as she's reported to be quite sad about her breakup from long-term boyfriend Alex Loudon. She put on a good show last night, though, as she smiled next to her two guy friends and didn't seem to let on that anything much was bothering her.