Pippa Middleton at the Club With a New Guy | Pictures

Pippa Hits a Private Club With a New Guy and a Female Friend

Pippa Middleton caught a ride with a male friend.

Pippa Middleton was out at private club last night with a male friend and another couple. Pippa reportedly stayed out at Loulou's in London until nearly 3:00 a.m. as she celebrated the launch of her new book, and was spotted hopping into the backseat of a cab with her friends after calling it a night.

Pippa's party guide, Celebrate: A Year of Festivities For Families and Friends recently hit the shelves, and she's been keeping busy promoting the title with stops at bookstores around the city. Despite it, it appears she might be taking some time for romance as well. Pippa has been linked to a couple of men since splitting with her longtime boyfriend Alex Loudon last year, including George Percy, who joined her, Kate Middleton, and Prince William on a ski trip this Spring. She's currently said to be seeing James Matthews, though he didn't appear to join her for last night's celebration.


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