Pippa Middleton Pictures in a Summer Dress

Pippa Starts Her Morning With Starbucks and Books Before Meeting Up With Her Mom

Pippa Middleton with mom Carole.

Pippa Middleton was on the go again in London this morning, picking up a coffee from Starbucks before moving on to shop for books at a Waterstone's branch. She was in her latest chic Summer outfit, including a purse from one of her favorite brands, Modalu. The company was so happy to have her support that it actually named the model of the bag she carries The Pippa. Her association with Modalu has helped increase its sales, and it's thought that Pippa will become a huge fashion force. A recent piece on Pippa in New York magazine suggests that royal-watchers love both her and her sister Kate's simple, High Street style because it's easy to replicate at a not-exorbitant price. Later in the evening, Pippa met up with her mom, Carole, to do a bit more browsing before retiring for the night.