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Pop Culture Facts That Will Make You Feel Old

Nov 30 2014 - 11:04am

This year has been a big one for pop culture anniversaries. Friends turned 10 making Ross's son, Ben, almost 20 now. Some of our favorite albums from the '90s [1] turned 15 this year — including Britney Spears [2]'s . . . Baby One More Time and Christina Aguilera [3]'s divalicious debut — and many killer teen movies [4] did too. While exciting, it's not all sweet nostalgic feelings — it forces us to look at just how long it's been since those good old days. Keep reading to see 25 mind-blowing pop culture facts that will make you feel ancient, from the demise of YM magazine and other 2000s trends [5] to exactly how long ago Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen [6] made a splash in matching outfits.

Source: NBC [7]

It Takes Two came out 19 years ago.

Mary-Kate and Ashley's matching style has changed a lot in two decades.

Source: Getty / Barry King, Taylor Hill [8]

Remember Nicky and Alex from Full House?

This is them now. They're 23.

Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit (Alex) is on the left, and Blake Tuomy-Wilhoit (Nicky) is on the right.

Source: Twitter user DC_Wilhoit [9]

Friends started two decades ago.

Friends premiered in 1994 and ended on May 6, 2004.

Ross's son, Ben, from Friends would be 19 now.

As for the rest of the kids? Monica and Chandler's twins are 9, Emma is 11, and Phoebe's triplets are turning 16 this year.

Sex and the City has been off the air for 10 years.

Christina Aguilera's debut album turns 15 this year.

"Genie in a Bottle" wasn't the only hit song from 1999, though — see 14 other albums that came out 15 years ago [10].

This is how Miley Cyrus used to dance, back when she was Hannah Montana.

And this is what Miley considers dancing now.

Source: RCA Records [11]

Nipplegate happened a decade ago.

Relive every moment of Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake's Super Bowl scandal [12] here.

Grey's Anatomy is in its 11th season.

Denny Duquette died eight years ago — RIP.

And George O'Malley died six years ago.

Titanic hit screens 16 years ago.

To get even more nostalgic, read all the sweet things Leonardo DiCaprio [13] and Kate Winslet [14] have said about their friendship [15] through the years.

Source: Getty / Kevin Mazur, Mike Marsland [16]

Clarissa Explains It All started 23 years ago.

This GIF explains how we feel about it.

Source: Nickelodeon [17]

And 18 years ago, we first met Sabrina the Teenage Witch. We miss you, Salem.

The first Harry Potter movie came out 13 years ago.

This is the cast at their first premiere in 2001 and their last in 2011.

Source: Getty / Evan Agostini, Stephen Lovekin [18]

Cruel Intentions turns 15 this year.

Reese Witherspoon [19], Ryan Phillippe [20], and Sarah Michelle Gellar [21] all have kids — Reese and Ryan have two together — and a bunch of other great '90s movies turn 15 this year [22] too.

Britney Spears's kids are 8 and 9 years old.

Jayden James is 8, and Sean Preston is 9.

The year that Marty McFly flies to in Back to the Future 2 is 2015.

It's only about a year away. Gulp.

The kids from the cartoon Recess would all be 26 now.

SpongeBob SquarePants has been on for 15 years.

Source: Nickelodeon [23]

And lastly, YM hasn't been on newsstands for a decade.

Pour one out for the young and modern, plus other amazing lost 2000s trends [24].

Source: YM Magazine

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