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Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: Week of 12/14/08

It's time to test your knowledge of what's happened this week with our favorite celebrities. Have you paid attention to everything that's gone down? Take the quiz!

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What did Jennifer Aniston receive as a gift when being interviewed on GMA?
Cashmere scarf
Vests for her dogs
Yoga mat
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Drew Barrymore is rumored to have gotten cozy with which funny guy?
Russell Brand
Seth Rogen
Dane Cook
Jason Segel
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Nicole Richie and her baby Harlow attended a children's party in LA last Sunday with which other famous mother-daughter pair?
Halle and Nahla
Jessica and Honor
Angelina and Vivienne
Isla and Olive
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Cameron Diaz was on hand to see which animated film franchise open as a Broadway show?
Ice Age
Toy Story
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Who said his dream was to, "get rich and live in a house full of chicks."?
Jack Black
Jonah Hill
Jim Carrey
Adam Sandler
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Kate Moss is said to have been asked to guest-host which show?
America's Next Top Model
What Not to Wear
X Factor
American Idol
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Ben Affleck debuted a documentary about which country at the UN?
The Congo
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Who had a scary run-in with an overeager fan at a club in Arizona?
Nicky Hilton
Lindsay Lohan
Mischa Barton
Lauren Conrad
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Paris Hilton ran into which of her ex-boyfriends at the launch party for the new D&G store in Hollywood on Monday night?
Paris Latsis
Stavros Niarchos
Nick Carter
Benji Madden
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Why did Jeremy Piven have to drop out of Speed the Plow?
He broke his leg after falling off the stage.
He had a disagreement with the producer.
He was diagnosed with high mercury levels.
He got laryngitis.
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Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: Week of 12/7/08

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