Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: Week of April 12, 2010

It's time to test your knowledge of what's happened this week with our favorite celebrities. Have you paid attention to everything that's gone down? Take the quiz!

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Gisele posed for bikini photos promoting what line?
Her skin care line Sejaa
Ipanema Sandals
Victoria's Secret
Her new bottled water
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What relative(s) joined the Jolie-Pitts in Venice this week?
Angelina's brother, James
Brad's brother, Doug
Brad's parents, Bill and Jane
Angelina's father, Jon
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What song did Jake tell GQ he loved as a kid?
Guns N' Roses, "Paradise City"
Aerosmith, "Cryin"
AC/DC, "Back in Black"
Van Halen, "Jump"
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What spa item did Paris Hilton have delivered to her home?
Massage table
Spray-tan machine
Hot tub
Tanning bed
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What did David Beckham snack on during the Lakers game?
Hot dog
French fries
Ice cream
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Who told Interview magazine:
"I eat what I want, and I’m not a workout fiend. My genetics are good, but they aren’t crazy He-Man style."?
Channing Tatum
Kellan Lutz
Sam Worthington
Josh Duhamel
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What birthday did Stephanie Pratt celebrate in Las Vegas?
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What did Joshua Jackson take home from the Genie Awards?
Best Actor
Hottest Leading Man
Best Supporting Actor
Best Dressed Male
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Where did Nicole Richie promote Winter Kate last weekend?
San Diego
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Who else was announced as a Tribeca Film Festival judge alongside Jessica Alba?
America Ferrera
Peter Facinelli
Zach Braff
All of the above
Guess Who's Picking Out a Spring Nail Polish Color?
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Guess Who's Picking Out a Spring Nail Polish Color?