Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: Week of April 4, 2011

Were you paying attention this week? Let's find out!

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Who sang the National Anthem at the NCAA basketball championship game in Houston?
LeAnn Rimes
Celine Dion
Sheryl Crow
Kelly Clarkson
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Where did Courteney Cox vacation with David and Coco Arquette?
Disney World
Harry Potter's Wizarding World
Magic Mountain
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What game did Jennifer Garner play with Jimmy Fallon on his talk show?
Lawn darts
Beer pong
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Britney Spears released a video this week for which song?
"Till the World Ends"
"Big Fat Bass"
"How I Roll"
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Who told Elle magazine, "I mean, I’m very vain. That would be my middle name."?
Lady Gaga
Kate Moss
Gwen Stefani
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Eva Longoria traveled to NYC to promote what?
A clothing line
Her cookbook
TV show
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What kind of plant was Orlando Bloom spotted purchasing?
Palm tree
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Which stylish star joined Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen at a party celebrating their TEXTILE line?
Jessica Alba
Carey Mulligan
Nicole Richie
Kim Kardashian
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Which country singer did Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon present an award to Sunday night?
Miranda Lambert
Carrie Underwood
Sara Evans
Taylor Swift
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David Beckham posed with a cardboard cutout of which popular star?
Johnny Depp
Justin Bieber
Zac Efron
Brad Pitt
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