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Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: Week of October 25, 2010

How well did you keep tabs on celebrity news this week? Find out with our quiz!

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Where did Matt Damon joke about first meeting Clint Eastwood in Men's Journal?
A gay bar
The subway
A nursing home
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What London hot spot did Javier and Penelope celebrate at following the premiere of Biutiful?
Groucho Club
Bungalow 8
Soho House
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Which guy is NOT rumored to be the subject of a song on Taylor Swift's new album?
Jake Gyllenhaal
John Mayer
Joe Jonas
Taylor Lautner
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Where is Carey Mulligan currently staying in LA?
A Holiday Inn
The Best Western
The Roosevelt
Chateau Marmont
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Which friend did Kim Kardashian take out to a birthday brunch in NYC?
Scott Disick
Lala Vasquez
Kanye West
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Which celebrity couple did NOT attend the Carousel of Hope Ball, hosted by Maria Shriver?
George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis
Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna
Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony
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What song did Ryan Gosling say he and his sister sang at weddings as a kid?
"When a Man Loves a Woman"
"I'll Make Love to You"
"My Heart Will Go On"
"In Your Eyes"
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Justin Timberlake joined which actress on the set of his new movie, I'm.mortal, in LA this week?
Mila Kunis
Olivia Munn
Jessica Biel
Amanda Seyfried
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Kristen Stewart said her personality wasn't cut out for what during an interview this week?
PG movies
Making friends
Serious relationships
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Cameron Diaz was spotted out with which Glee guy?
Cory Monteith
Mark Salling
Matthew Morrison
Kevin McHale
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